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To kill a mockingbird is a classic English novel. It was the best seller of its time. It was published in 1960. After publishing, it’s got huge success and popularity. It won the Pulitzer Prize. Later a movie with the same name had been made based on its story. This movie considered as the greatest ever made movie as well as it also won three Academy Awards.


A summary of the Story

A six years old Scout Finch and her older brother Jem are the friends of Dill, who comes in their neighbor every summer. These three children are fascinated by their mysterious neighbor Boo Radley who always tries to remain hidden. They want to get him out of his home. The children often find gifts outside of Radley’s house.

Scout’s father, Atticus is a lawyer. He is appointed to defend a black man Tom, who is a suspect of raping a white girl Mayella. Although the people of Maycomb don’t like this, but Atticus tries his best to defend the Tom. The children of Maycomb also tease Scout and Jem, but Scout fights with them and always defend her father.

Atticus proves in the court that Mayella and her father, Bob are lying. Mayella had sexually attracted tom towards her. Bob knows this and he had also beaten her daughter on this reason. But the Jury doesn’t agree and convicts the Tom. Then Tom tries to escape, but he is shot and died.

Despite the jury’s decision Bob becomes too angry with Atticus. Because Bob feels his insult due to Atticus’s arguments. One night he attacks on Jem and Scout. He breaks the arm of Jem. At this time the mysterious man Boo comes and rescues the children. Here Sheriff comes and tells the Atticus that Bob has killed during the fight. Then they argue about who is responsible, Jem or Boo. Finally, they decides that Bob has killed by falling on his own knife.

Scout goes with Boo to his front door where he disappears. Scout becomes sad. She thinks that Boo gave them gifts but they had never returned him anything.


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