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Arwal district in Bihar

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Arwal district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Arwal town is the administrative headquarters of this district. It was earlier part of Jehanabad district.


Arwal district occupies an area of 638 square kilometres (246 sq mi),[3] comparatively equivalent to Canada’s Foley Island.In Arwal district near mehandia MADHUSHARWA MELA, which is famous for ancient SHIV TEMPLE.


The language spoken here is Magahi.

Sub- Divisions

The district comprises only one sub-division, Arwal Sadar, which is further divided into five blocks:-

  1. Arwal,
  2. Karpi,
  3. Kaler,
  4. Kurtha
  5. Suryapur Vanshi.



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